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To stay informed and up-to-date on all things dental care, Dr. Singh and his team have provided informational blogs and articles for our patients. If you're interested in learning about a new procedure or if you need some tips to take care of your teeth when you're not visiting our office, we have the resources!


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Singh, don't hesitate to give us a call at (732)-356-1606. We're proud to serve as your Middlesex, Piscataway, Dunelle, Green Brook and Bound Brook NJ dentist.



General Dentistry Topics

2023 Dental Hygiene Resolutions

Effects of Poor Dental Health

Preventing Tooth Decay

Different Parts of Our Teeth & Their Functions

Take Away Your Toothache

National Hygiene Month

How to Store a Toothbrush

Dental Decay in Children

5 Tips to Avoid Plaque Buildup

Root Canal Awareness Week

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dental Benefits of Breastfeeding

Why Fruits & Veggies Matter

National Dental Hygiene Month

For Our Smiles, We are Thankful

New Year, Better Smile

Children's Dental Health Month

National Nutrition Month

National Facial Protection Month

Keep a Healthy Smile All Summer

Consequences of Not Flossing

Back-to-School Tips for Your Smile

Start the Conversation: Daily 4

Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

Fight the Myths Harming Your Smile

Family Dentistry

Checklist for Brushing Properly

Common Brushing Mistakes

Importance of Caring for Children's Teeth

New Year, New Smile

Why You Should Avoid Snacks

Children's Dental Health Month

Maintain Dental Care on Vacation

Men's Oral Health Awareness

Prepare Your Smile for Vacation

Brushing Habits to Break

Common Dental Injuries in Sports

Ways to Protect Your Teeth on Halloween

Working for a New Year's Smile

Your Child's Smile

Nutrition and Your Smile

Dangerous Dental Habits

• Back-to-School Dental Visits

Thanksgiving Food & Dental Health

Dental Habits to Break in the New Year

New Year, New Smile! This Year's Smile Goals

Celebrate Children's Dental Health Month

Maintain Your Dental Routine at Home

Keep Your Teeth Healthy at Home

Summer Foods for Healthy Teeth


Cosmetic Dentistry Topics

Braces 101

Holiday Travel With Braces: Easy Cleaning Tips

Foods to Avoid

Save Your Teeth from Halloween Treats

World No Tobacco Day

Scare Away a Spooky Smile!

Avoid a Spooky Smile from Your Halloween Costume

Protect Your Holiday Season Smile

Foods that can Brighten Your Smile

Smile-Friendly Holiday Meals

Popular Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Tips for a Healthy Smile this Halloween

Smile Transformation Options


Advanced Dentistry Topics

Awareness of Gum Disease

Significance to Speech Disorders

Dental Fossils Show Smile's Progress

Correct these Common Dental Problems

History of Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

What are Different Causes of Loose Teeth?

When Teeth Removal is a Must

You Cracked a Tooth... Now What?

April is National Facial Protection Month

How Exercise Affects Your Smile

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Share the Dangers on No Tobacco Day

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